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Our Mission

At Radiance Wellness, we believe that there is hope for those who have been let down by standard pharmaceuticals. We believe that ketamine can revolutionize one’s life by providing hope in better healing. We strive to provide the highest level of care to our patients as they expand their mind to the healing abilities of Ketamine Therapy.

Meet Dr. Z

Dr. Zinia Thomas

Zinia Thomas, M.D. is a licensed child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and is qualified by the State of Missouri to recommend medical Ketamine Therapy. She has been practicing IV Ketamine therapy at Radiance Wellness since 2018. Recently she has been trying to make Ketamine therapy more affordable and accessible by providing at home treatments with the Ketamine nasal spray and KetaChews. 

Cy M
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Due to a reaction to medication I developed suicidal ideation and had struggled for YEARS. Antidepressants did nothing for me. Last summer I finally decided to try the ketamine protocol. What a difference! Personally I felt 20 years of stress simply vanish after my first treatment.
Jason G
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This place is great and the Ketamine treatments have legitimately changed my life for the better. You just have to follow the protocol the doc makes for you. It won’t magically fix you after one dose.