Our Treatment

Radiance providers are professionally trained and licensed medical practitioners. They include Dr. Zinia Thomas, a licensed psychiatrist, experienced nurses, and a psychotherapy guide.

Radiance Ketamine Clinic is open to anyone who is in dis-ease. We welcome everyone who wants to elevate their life and enhance their self care. Please reach out to us if you have questions about if ketamine is the right fit for you.

Radiance does not require a referral. You may talk with our guide before your treatment to set your intentions and goals for your sessions.

Before your session, you can meet with our guide to talk about your intentions and goal setting for your experience. We also have a page about how to prepare for your session which we recommend you review and spend time in reflection.

The consultation with the guide can be done virtually or in person at the office and will take 30 to 45 minutes. After your consultation, you can choose to have your first infusion that day or to schedule your first session. We recommend that you schedule out all your sessions on the first day to make sure you can complete your sessions within a couple weeks for best results. You can expect to be in the office for one to three hours per session.

You will have four to eight  ketamine experiences depending on what you and the guide deem fit over the course of two to four weeks. The number of sessions per week or total weeks are dependent on individual cases.


Most Ketamine Clinics focus merely on the administration of the drug. Radiance however takes a holistic approach and places a great emphasis on the client’s Set & Setting. What we mean by this is we go to great lengths to ensure the client is comfortable and supported throughout the process. From comfortable recliners, blankets, eye shades, ambiance, peace and quiet. This environment is most conducive for the healing process. Most Ketamine Clinics exclusively offer Ketamine. At Radiance, we understand that there are other tools to promote healing. From our Infrared Sauna, Cryotherapy, Float Tank, and Nutrient IV’s there are a host of other tools at your disposal. Lastly Radiance is one of the few Ketamine Clinics across the country that has a Guide or Facilitator on Staff to support those who could benefit from the emotional and procedural support of a professional. By working with a Guide, clients are able to get very clear on their goals and intentions for Ketamine Therapy. The altered state created by Ketamine can be difficult to navigate for those unfamiliar with these states. In most cases we believe having a Guide to support and direct your attention maximizes the benefits of Ketamine.

Psychedelic medicine refers to various techniques using psychedelics to promote overall well being and improve mental health. Scientists believe that psychedelics promote improved mental health and well being by temporarily suspending the ego and the Default Mode Network (DMN) in the brain. Multiple evidence-based studies from world-class institutions have found psychedelics to produce profound, lasting results in the improvement for mental health and overall sense of wellbeing.

There is little evidence to suggest that experiences with psychedelic substances result in long-term addiction or physical harm. There is a growing set of studies that are finding that psychedelics, when taken in a therapeutic setting, can be incredibly helpful for one’s mental health. Radiance only promotes the safe use of legal psychedelics under the supervision of our expert medical team.

About Ketamine

Ketamine therapy for mental health and improved well being is done at a lower dose of ketamine than what has been used safely in anesthesia for decades. Even though its use as anesthesia is very common, low dose ketamine for mental health is still relatively new. Our medical staff will consult with you prior to your treatment to make sure that ketamine is a safe option for you.

Unlike SSRIs that only affect serion, ketamine acts on many of your neurotransmitters. It can help to relieve pain as well as uplift the feeling of depression. With medical supervision and at low doses, ketamine can allow for a degree of dissociation from your routine thinking patterns. It can allow for deeper engagements into your subconscious.

Ketamine sessions, like other psychedelic experiences, are unique to every individual. There are some commonly reported experiences such as a dissociation sensation that allows you to observe yourself from outside rather than within. The experience is often described as calming, euphoric, and musical. Many that experience ketamine report becoming more energized and relaxed. The heart rate is also often increased. For some, these unfamiliar sensations might feel overwhelming which is why we have a guide to help your experience go smoothly and with directed intentions. Even with experiences that may seem negative in the moment, you can gain valuable insight on yourself.

As with all powerful substances, there are some potential side effects while using ketamine. Listed are some potential effects you may experience during and after administration, until the effects of the drug have worn off: a feeling of disconnection from your normal self, a sense of impaired balance and coordination, a feeling of drowsiness, mental confusion, slurred speech, impacts to visual, auditory, or tactile processing.

Ketamine can be administered to patients in a variety of ways, including intravenously, nasally, orally, or intramuscularly.  At Radiance, we offer all 4 forms.